About Me


I’m Billie. I have been a photographer since 2008. I have been photographing newborns since 2010.

A few things about me:

I am a huge music fan. I love all music as long as I can understand what they are saying.

I love the restaurant TOKYO in Terre Haute. Could eat there every day…

I like to read.

I enjoy concerts- probably my favorite thing to do.

You can win my heart with food any day.

My favorite color is red. but mustard yellow and light orange are a close second.

I’m addicted to shopping for clothes.

I’m obsessed with my husband. He’s truly my best friend and biggest fan.

I believe selfies are perfectly normal. as well as selfie sticks.

My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama.

I was born in Florida but have lived in Indiana since I was 7 years old.

On a day off you can probably find me taking a nap. I am a sleep fan.